Education Project Signs

Education Project Signs

Is your school, university, or college looking for a way to connect with students, staff, and parents alike? Do you want to elevate the student experience on campus? Have you been hoping to boost your marketing efforts? 

If your answer is a resounding “YES”, it’s time to consider investing in education signage. This large category of signage is encapsulated by many options, meaning regardless of your needs, we have the sign solution to meet them. With the help of a talented sign shop, each sign can also be customized to suit your campus specifically.  

Boston Signs and Graphics is a professional signage partner that understands the significance of signage on educational institutions. From building your brand to creating the right learning environment, we can craft impactful, eye-catching signs that make a difference. 

If you’re ready to kickstart education sign projects, give us a call! Our team will leap into action for you. 

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Explore the Different Kinds of Education Signs

Each type of sign we offer boasts a different set of advantages, aesthetics, and communication methods. Knowing more about these options allows you to find the choice best suited to your institution.  

Browse the main categories of educational signs we offer or contact our team for more information: 

Customized Signs

Boston Signs and Graphics is known for personalizing nearly any sign type to our clients’ specific needs. We traditionally start by identifying your goals or challenges, as they allow us to provide tailored sign recommendations.  

For example, if you’re looking to boost your school’s visibility, we may suggest an illuminated outdoor sign; on the other hand, if you want to encourage school spirit, banners can be the perfect way to do so. 

Custom education signage is also an exceptional way to add brand touchpoints throughout your campus. This will build a connection between your school and its students – fostering pride in its name, logo, and mascot – and establish its reputation in the local community. 

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Outdoor Signs

The school experience begins before students set foot inside. Exterior education signage is responsible for introducing your school, highlighting its branding, attracting new students and staff, and so much more. As parents don’t typically spend a lot of time inside a school, these outdoor signs are also responsible for fostering a sense of trust and confidence in the school’s abilities. 

 Popular options for outdoor signs include: 

  • Monument Signs 
  • Pylon Signs 
  • Digital Signage 
  • Window Graphics 
  • Post and Panel Signs 
  • Parking Signs 

Indoor Signs

Once staff, students, and visitors have stepped inside your school, interior education signage is responsible for their experience. From providing navigation assistance to identifying key areas, these signs are essential to the school day.  

Explore our frequently chosen indoor signs, such as: 

  • Door Signs 
  • Wayfinding Signs 
  • ADA Signs 
  • Wall Murals 
  • Window Film 
  • Banners 
  • Wall Decals 

Unlock the Benefits of Education Signage

  • Brand Your School: Encourage school spirit with cohesively branded signage. The more connected everyone feels to your brand, the stronger your school community will be.  
  • Enhance Communication: Include key information on visible signage to increase the productivity and efficiency of your school. Also, speak clearly to students, parents, and staff about expectations of learning, behavior, and commitments to foster your ideal environment.  
  • Improve Punctuality and Attendance: Outline class schedules, as well as school start and end times, to ensure students are receiving the most value from their school experience. 
  • Celebrate Achievements: From winning sporting events to accomplishing high academic scores, showcase your school’s achiements to instill a sense of pride and confidence in your student body. 
  • Increase Safety and Accessibility: Promote a safe, inclusive learning environment with clear, visible signage. Address bullying, provide alternative forms of communication for those with disabilities, and so much more. These signs will help to create a safe place for students to learn and socialize with their peers. 

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At Boston Signs and Graphics, we boast a seamless signage journey for each of our clients. From the initial consultation to the final installation, we ensure your needs are prioritized, preferences are considered, and brand is represented accurately. Our team’s consultative approach to signage ensures your voice is heard during the entire process. 

If you’re ready to outfit your school with education signage, give us a call today. We’re excited to work with you!