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Signage holds a prominent place in an organization: it is the first thing people see that displays the name of a business or brand. Signs are an effective medium that communicates with the target audience in an efficient way. They are used for various purposes across different industries.

When placed in an exterior or interior setting, their roles may change. Signs can be specific to a location, business logo, brand, corporate values, and industrial uses. They are an intricate part of a marketing strategy and a cost-effective investment to make. Boston Signs and Graphics serves multiple areas within and surrounding Boston, including Norwood. We are a local sign company in Norwood that understands the needs and priorities of businesses in the area.

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Why Signs Are Important

Signs serve many purposes in a business setting, and it’s hard to overlook their benefits. Discover the advantages of having signs and graphics in the following points:

  • Identification: Signs are used for displaying the name a business or brand. They help people identify a company’s location, rooms inside a building, parking areas, and more. Signs make it convenient for people to recognize and locate a place in busy, crowded settings. They come in unique designs, establishing distinct identities for businesses.
  • Promotion and Branding: Signs are effective in maintaining and promoting the visual identity of a brand. Consistent use of colors, style, and logos across various locations reinforces brand recognition and loyalty. Different types of signs and graphics, such as banners, billboards, flags, vehicle wraps, digital displays, wall murals, pylon signs, storefront signs and more serve as prominent marketing tools for businesses.
  • Wayfinding: Signs are used to provide directional guidance to people outside and inside an establishment. Wayfinding or directional signs are installed in malls, airports, supermarkets, buildings, and streets to help visitors find way to their target locations. For example, directory signs help people navigate a facility, leading them to specific rooms, entrances and exits, emergency exits, stores, or restrooms.
  • Informational: One of the uses and benefits of signs is they provide important information, such as updates, explanations, and location details to customers. They can effortlessly engage the audience using dynamic displays and other similar features. In retail settings, information signs are installed to provide product details, offers, and discounts.

Varieties of Signs

Interior Signs in Norwood

These signs are installed inside an establishment. For businesses based in Norwood, our company provides a range of interior signs that can enhance their presence in the area and beyond. We offer indoor signs in Norwood that align with a business’s logo, values, and community guidelines. Interior signage contributes to the overall organization of a company. They make the workplace more cohesive and boost its productivity.

Types of indoor signage include:

  • Promotional Signs
  • Wall Graphics
  • ADA-Compliant Signs
  • Informational Signs
  • Wayfinding Signs
  • Menu Boards
  • Safety and Regulatory Signs

Exterior Signs in Norwood

These signs are installed outside an establishment to showcase the identity of a brand or business. Norwood-based businesses can utilize exterior signage to promote themselves in the local market and beyond. Outdoor signs in Norwood provided by our company reflect the image of organizations in a unique way, helping them rise above their competitors in the industry.

Types of outdoor signage include:

Norwood Custom Signs

Boston Signs and Graphics offers custom sign solutions to our clients. We design signs that uniquely represent a business’s identity and its values. Signs can be customized by integrating company logos, colors, and styles in one design, and they are used by businesses consistently across locations helping them establish a firm image.

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