Retirement Community Signs

Retirement Community Signs

The transition that older adults experience from their home to a retirement community can be significant. Whether it’s initiated by a new diagnosis or the desire to be more social, these communities are the perfect place to guarantee your loved ones’ safety and happiness. 

Given retirement communities become someone’s new home, there are many different components that are required to create this kind of environment. While custom signs for a retirement community aren’t at the top of the list, they are essential to the seamless use of each area. 

At Boston Signs and Graphics, we have experience crafting signs for retirement homes. We know they are used for many purposes, from wayfinding to identification. Each sign should be a cohesive part of the overall atmosphere, which requires customization and intention.  

If you’re ready to elevate your facility, give us a call today. Our signage specialists are always ready to jump into a new project. 

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Types of Retirement Community Signs

Each type of sign has its own communication method, aesthetic, and purpose. At Boston Signs and Graphics, we help you find your ideal retirement signs by offering tailored recommendations that take your needs into account. 

Lobbies / Reception Areas

Browse the following examples to begin brainstorming: 

  • Directional Arrows: Given these complexes are large, directional signs are the perfect way to guarantee effortless navigation. With simple arrows, new residents and visitors will be able to enjoy the retirement community.  
  • Door Signs: From name plaques for residents’ rooms to labels for common amenities, door signs can help residents, staff, and visitors find their desired destination. 
  • Wall Murals: Transform dull, drab walls to exciting, vibrant displays. Each mural can help foster your ideal environment, while simultaneously branding your community. 
  • Window Graphics: Add personality and color to the inside and outside of your retirement home with vinyl graphics. These durable signs can be used for short-term or long-term purposes, such as seasonal displays or vacancy advertisements. 
  • Monument Signs: This type of outdoor sign for retirement homes has multiple benefits, such as attracting prospective residents, establishing the home’s place in the local community, and much more.  
  • Safety Signs: Certain communities have increased safety protocols to address the needs of seniors. For example, dementia units require additional security to ensure wandering doesn’t happen. Signage to identify these areas is helpful in guiding behavior of both staff and visitors. 
  • ADA Signs: Given the residents of a retirement community have varying cognitive and mobility, ADA signs are a critical addition to any space. These signs will create an inclusive, accessible space that your residents can use effortlessly, regardless of ability. 

Easily Bring Your Dream Signs to Life

With the help of a professional signage company, like Boston Signs and Graphics, your signs can be crafted to your exact needs. Whether you’re looking to boost your brand recognition or stand out from competitors, customized signs offer benefits that generic signs from big box retailers cannot.  

With custom signs for a retirement community, you are in total control of the design. From the colors and fonts used to the graphics and messaging created, your sign can be a perfect representation of your business. It can also target your ideal audience and achieve unique goals, setting your community up for success. 

Why Work with Boston Signs and Graphics?

Each component of our signage journey is intended to create a seamless process. Our talented team will walk you through each step, including: 

  • Consultation: Our team will get to know your retirement community better, including its amenities, goals, current residents, target audience, and more. This will help us guide the signage journey to find the right signs for your needs. 
  • Design: Work closely with our graphic designers to curate your ideal retirement sign design or show us a design that you already have prepared. 
  • Production: Using high-quality materials, we will make your design a reality. You will be updated continuously, so you know how your signage project is going. 
  • Installation: We will safely and securely install your ideal signage to guarantee maximum visibility and impact. 

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If you’re ready to elevate your retirement community with high-quality, innovative signage, contact Boston Signs and Graphics. We’re always ready to take on new projects, and our goal is to help local businesses achieve growth and success by having the best signage system possible. 

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