School Signs

School Signs

Are you ready to outfit your campus with eye-catching, impactful school signs?  

From wayfinding to branding to decor, these sign solutions offer many different benefits; they are also one of the most effective ways to craft your ideal environment.  

With the support of Boston Signs and Graphics, a professional signage company, your school will have the right signs to make your goals come true. Whether you’re looking to increase productivity and punctuality or boost school spirit, our team of signage specialists can help! 

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There are so many components to the school experience which require specialized signage. Each sign type fulfills a unique purpose; however, our team at Boston Signs and Graphics ensures every sign contributes to the overall goal of fostering your ideal learning environment. 

Browse the following areas of a school to learn what signs would be beneficial: 

Lobbies / Reception Areas


Start every experience in your school on the right foot with signs in your entranceways. For example, a lobby sign is the best way to identify your school’s name and mascot right away. They can be customized to your branding and design preferences, curating your perfect entrance.  


Students spend most of their day in a classroom, which makes it one of the most important areas in a school. Door signs help students find the right classroom, banners offer interesting ways to display important information, and wall murals can encourage creativity. Determine which school signs will create the right learning environment for your student body. 


Whether your school campus is large or small, wayfinding signs are an essential addition to hallways. Help students navigate to their next class effortlessly with directional arrows, hanging signs, and directories.  

School Events 

Boosting school spirit is the perfect way to engage your students, staff, and parents. With eye-catching banners hung in the gymnasium to outdoor school signs placed by the bleachers, you can maximize the anticipation of events and achievements of your sports teams. 

Reception Areas 

The administrative staff at a school are critical to the productivity, efficiency, and safety of all staff and students. They provide endless support throughout the day, which means many visitors come to their reception areas throughout the day. Having clear, communicative signage will help streamline processes and provide help quickly.  

For example, if a parent arrives to sign out their child for the rest of the day, there is likely paperwork that must be completed. Instead of having your receptionists explain this process to every parent or guardian, use tabletop displays to guide their actions accordingly. A simple sign that reads, “Sign Out Your Kid Here” would simultaneously prevent constant disruptions and fulfill the necessary requirements. 

Using Customization to Your Benefit

While schools can acquire their signage from big box stores or online retailers, there are numerous benefits of working with a professional signage company, including: 

  • Branding: Your school’s brand is very important in building the right reputation and establishing a connection between it and your local community. Integrating brand elements into your signs can instill a sense of loyalty with staff, students, and family members alike. 
  • Unique Appearance: Seamlessly incorporate your design preferences to personalize the visual appeal of your signs. With nearly limitless customization, your school will stand out from others, putting the right foot forward. 
  • Expertise and Support: If your school is new or undergoing rebranding, having the support of experienced specialists is ideal. By accessing ongoing support, advice, and expertise, schools can ensure their investment is optimized and impactful. 
  • Streamlined Processes: Unlike other signage companies, Boston Signs and Graphics offers an all-encompassing signage experience. From start to finish, consultation to installation, we handle your school signage project. This ensures the process is efficient, communicative, and fulfilled to our high standards. 

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