ADA Signs

ADA Signs

Signs aren’t only for marketing purposes; they are also critical communication tools used for safety and wayfinding. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), all public facilities and businesses must have signage designed with accessible features for individuals with disabilities or impairments.

Let the experts at Boston Signs and Graphics design and produce signage that fulfills the goals set by the ADA to improve accessibility in your business. From ADA restroom signs to braille signs, our selection of premium products will promote an inclusive environment while providing a high level of service for every person who visits your location.

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What Are ADA-Compliant Signs?

Under the ADA, required signage must follow specific design and installation guidelines to ensure individuals with disabilities can navigate spaces safely and independently.

By partnering with a professional signage company like Boston Signs and Graphics, your signage will meet the following criteria outlined by the ADA:

  • Location: Interior and exterior signs identifying permanent rooms or spaces must be ADA-compliant. These signs must be installed at specific heights and next to doors or amenities to satisfy ADA guidelines.
  • Design: The ADA outlines specific design requirements for signs to be considered accessible. These include a non-glare finish, high-contrast color scheme, sans-serif fonts, pictograms, and braille or tactile elements.
  • Purpose: ADA signs are used for identification, instruction, and wayfinding. Any signs used for these purposes at your business must meet the accessibility regulations.

Types of ADA Signs

At Boston Signs and Graphics, we offer customized ADA signs for your location that suit your customers’ needs. Our wide range of signage incorporates the necessary accessibility features and your personal preferences. Contact us to speak to a signage expert to learn more about our ADA signage products, including:

  • ADA Bathroom Signs
  • Wayfinding Signs
  • Parking Signs
  • ADA Signs with Braille
  • Room Identification Signs
  • Elevator and Stairwell Signs
  • ADA Exit Signs

The Significance of ADA Signs

Working with Boston Signs and Graphics for ADA signs will provide your business with new opportunities. Explore the advantages offered by these signs below:

  • Foster an Inclusive Environment: Businesses committed to installing a high-quality and accessible signage system in their establishment will quickly build a reputation for inclusivity. These signs will pave the way for positive visitor experiences and expand your customer pool to a diverse clientele.
  • Improve Safety for All Guests: ADA signs benefit all guests and employees, regardless of their abilities. Use these signs to facilitate seamless navigation, effortlessly direct customer traffic, and quickly identify critical safety features like exits and stairwells. These signs are crucial to fostering a secure environment.
  • Avoid Legal Penalties and Fines: Partner with Boston Signs and Graphics to ensure your ADA signs are designed and installed correctly from the start. We will promptly enhance your location’s accessibility to prevent legal fines or penalties.

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Boston Signs and Graphics is your local and dependable source for ADA signs. Our optimized production process allows us to complete your project quickly while maintaining a high level of quality.

Our team is committed to producing and designing effective ADA signs that ensure all individuals can access public spaces with dignity and independence. Contact Boston Signs and Graphics to elevate the accessibility of your location with our range of signage solutions.

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