Lobby Signs

Lobby Signs

Research shows that customers will form an impression of a business within seven seconds. How can you maximize your impact on customers in this tight timeframe? The answer is with a professional lobby sign.

These signs are prominent fixtures across diverse industries. Their purpose is to greet visitors when they first enter a location or office, instantly setting the right tone for their experience.

At Boston Signs and Graphics, we understand these signs are the cornerstone of your branding campaign. That’s why we take the time to understand your business’s unique identity and craft a sign encompassing your core messages.

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Discover Our Range of Lobby Signs

Lobby signs come in many forms – the important thing is to find a sign that fulfills your vision and needs. That’s where Boston Signs and Graphics comes in. We’ll guide you through our vast selection and customization options to align your goals with innovative signage products.

Our offerings include:

  • Dimensional Letters: Three-dimensional sign letters made from metal, acrylic, or composite materials add depth to your brand’s logo. Depending on your preferences, these letters can be installed directly on a wall or a signboard.
  • Acrylic Signboards: Clear or frosted wall signs are a timeless and elegant addition to any professional office. Boston Signs and Graphics can customize these signs to capture your brand’s unique messaging.
  • LED Signs: Use energy-efficient LED lighting systems to personalize your lobby sign and create a unique ambiance. Choose a lighting design that reflects your brand’s identity, from bright and colorful front-lit signs to sleek and sophisticated backlit letters.
  • Digital Signs: From trailblazing tech companies to a hotel lobby, digital signage shows your dedication to innovation. These state-of-the-art signs can be programmed to feature images, text, animation, and videos to captivate people when they arrive at your business.
  • Reception Signage: Besides branded signs, we have a comprehensive selection of reception and waiting room signs, including “lobby closed” signs, desk signs, wall signs, and directories.

Unlock the Advantages

From strengthening branding to fueling growth, lobby signs offer businesses the following benefits:

  • Create a Memorable Impression: In the business world, first impressions are everything. Ensure you’re making a lasting impact when visitors and stakeholders enter your lobby. Signs instantly elevate the appearance of interior spaces while communicating your brand’s key messages.
  • Make a Bold, Branded Statement: Businesses that focus on cultivating a recognizable brand identity build strong connections with their target market, see improved brand recall among their customers, and stand out from their competition in crowded industries. Installing a custom lobby sign is an effective way to add branding to your location.
  • Enhance Your Location’s Wayfinding System: Installing an office wayfinding system that includes directory signs and lobby signs allows guests to navigate to your office effortlessly. These signs are crucial in vast office buildings with multiple tenants that host visitors, service personnel, and deliveries every day. With a clear and visible lobby sign, people will instantly know when they’ve arrived at their intended destination.

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If you want to transform your lobby with digital signage, LED signs, or dimensional letters, trust our team to complete your project with your targeted outcomes in mind. Our precision, commitment to quality, and customer-centric service set us apart from other sign companies in the area.

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