Senior Living Signage

Senior Living Signage

Are you looking for effective ways to elevate the atmosphere in your assisted living facility? 

With senior assisted living signage, you can showcase your commitment to creating an enjoyable place to live. Given that these facilities are traditionally filled by older adults looking for enhanced support, each sign installed should contribute to this need.  

At Boston Signs and Graphics, a professional signage company in Boston, we provide unique signage solutions that exceed your expectations and fulfill your unique needs. Our team is experienced in producing cohesive signage systems for assisted living facilities, allowing us to deliver value for yours. 

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Areas Where Senior Living Signage is Essential

Determining where assisted living signage is necessary can be daunting, especially with large facilities. However, with the help of Boston Signs and Graphics, we can craft a customized signage plan that will outfit your facility with the right sign solutions. Fostering the ideal environment for your residents, employees, and visitors is a breeze with the right support. 


One of the biggest benefits of an assisted living facility is the onsite amenities. From hair salons to fitness classes, residents are given the chance to live their lives to the fullest.  

To ensure residents take advantage of these amenities, it is important to make them easily accessible. With the right signage – such as directional arrows and directories – residents will navigate effortlessly to their desired destinations.  


Visiting loved ones and family members who reside in assisted living is heavily encouraged. It not only boosts their mood and morale, but it also shows them that this move hasn’t impacted their ability to be social.  

With the right signage at the entranceway to your facility, all guests will be informed of protocols, updates, and necessary behaviors during their visit. For example, if it’s flu season, which can put elderly individuals at risk, placing a sign at the front, encouraging people to sanitize their hands upon entry, can reduce sickness.  

Moreover, finding your loved ones shouldn’t be difficult. While over time guests will become acquainted with the property, first-time visitors may be unsure where to go. Wayfinding signs are the right kind of assisted living facility signage to make navigation an efficient, effortless task. 

Resident Rooms

Assisted living facilities are home to many residents, which can be a drastic change from having an entire house or apartment to oneself. One way to ensure residents feel as if they have their own dedicated space is by installing assisted living door signs. These signs label their room, encouraging your residents to take ownership of it and make it their own. 

Additional Benefits to Unlock with Assisted Living Signage

  • Branding: While the function of assisted living facilities is often the same, your brand is what makes you stand out. Incorporate your branding in all signage to increase recognition and become familiar to your target audience.  
  • Attracting Prospective Residents: Enhance your marketing efforts, both indoors and outdoors, with the right signs. From monument signs placed at your entrance to banners displayed inside main areas, these signs will capture the attention of prospective residents or their families.  
  • Building an Enjoyable Place to Live: While signs are traditionally used for functional purposes, they can also be used to elevate decor. Wall murals, window graphics, and hanging signs are perfect examples of sign solutions that can be used to add personality, color, and life to any assisted living complex. 
  • Enhanced Visibility: Whether you’re trying to establish your place in the local community or guide your residents back home at night, illuminated signage is an effective way to boost visibility. 

Finding the Right Senior Assisted Living Signage Near You

Boston Signs and Graphics is a reliable, creative, and professional sign shop that is ready to support your unique needs. With a talented team of sign makers, installers, and graphic designers, we can bring your ideal sign solutions to life. 

From the initial consultation to the final installation, we provide endless support, expertise, and communication. As your partners in success, we foster a meaningful relationship with you and your business, which extends beyond one signage project. 

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