Healthcare Signage

Healthcare Signage

Is your healthcare facility looking for ways to increase productivity, safety, and efficiency? Have you been wanting to elevate your brand recognition and reputation? Are you looking for effective ways to positively impact your patients’ experiences? 

If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, it’s time to turn to healthcare signs. This category of signage encompasses all options that would have a positive influence on a facility’s performance.  

Each healthcare sign has its own unique purpose, so identifying what your signage goals are is essential. At Boston Signs and Graphics, your full-service signage provider, we help to discover these goals and craft sign solutions to help accomplish them.  

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Types of Healthcare Signage for Your Facility

Healthcare facilities are essential to the well-being and safety of the local community. To ensure your business is functioning efficiently and safely, as well as fostering an enjoyable environment for all, the following signs are an essential addition to any sign system: 

  • Informational Signage: To keep visitors and patients informed, invest in informational signage. From banners to hanging signs to tabletop displays, you can choose how and where information is displayed, ensuring maximum visibility and optimal comprehension. 
  • Wayfinding Signs: Given the numerous services offered at a healthcare facility, the buildings or complexes are traditionally large. Getting lost or confused could occur easily without the right signage. Wayfinding or directional signs are the perfect way to provide visitors with support in finding their desired destination. 
  • Hospital Signage Boards: This customizable sign solution allows for nearly limitless possibilities. With a wide board, various information can be displayed, from an employee directory to service offerings in a particular department.  
  • Safety Signs: Healthcare facilities have many different areas, departments, and rooms, which carry a different level of risk. For rooms that are restricted or have dangerous materials, safety signage is necessary to keep all employees, visitors, and patients safe. 
  • Custom Signage: If you’re looking to display a unique message or build your brand, custom healthcare signs are the answer. Working with a signage company unlocks a world of customization that generic retailers cannot offer. 

Explore the Benefits of Healthcare Sign Solutions

Healthcare businesses can benefit from signage in the basic regard, such as displaying your business name and logo or attracting new patients. However, there are more advantages that can be unlocked, including: 

  • Creating Your Ideal Atmosphere: Healthcare facilities can be a scary or daunting place for lots of people. With the right sign solutions, your facility can instill a sense of calm or ease in your patients and their visitors.  
  • Catering to Your Patients: There are many different wings in a healthcare facility, especially hospitals. Each wing provides different services, which may result in different kinds of patients too. From wall murals to window graphics, you can customize these signs with colors and graphics that cater to patients in that area. For example, add animals or cartoons to pediatric wings to bring joy to young patients. 
  • Helping Employees Navigate Quickly: With some circumstances being life and death, every moment counts. Help your employees navigate your facility quickly by displaying clear healthcare signs. Whether directional arrows or hanging directories, these signs will help people get to their desired destination as fast as possible. 
  • Being Inclusive: With the right signage, you can ensure your facility is accessible and welcoming to anyone who needs help. ADA signs ensure individuals with disabilities or impairments can access the services they need, whether a bathroom, elevator, or doctor’s office. 

If you’re still unsure whether custom healthcare signs would benefit your facility, reach out to Boston Signs and Graphics today. During an initial consultation with our team, we will determine the effectiveness of your current signage system and identify any areas for improvement. Moreover, while your facility may already have signage installed, we can also help revitalize the branding and visibility of these signs, essentially giving your business a facelift. 

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